RBA Professional Data Systems, Inc

  • Phone: (814) 238-2100
  • Fax: (814) 238-7995
  • Mail: support@rba.com
  • Website: http://www.rba.com
  • Address: 240 Elmwood Street State College, PA

Why choose RBA for your Information Technology needs?

We tailor our service to your organizations needs.

We provide a staff that is stable, experienced, professional and extremely responsive.

We provide service, not sell you additional Software or Hardware, by making objective recommendations when your organization wants to upgrade or expand.

RBA provides planning, advice, expertise, and effort to ensure your computing environment performs optimally at all times.

We are proud of the level of service and reliability we provide.

Our goal is to have a strong relationship with your organization, based on solid teamwork and cooperation.


RBA offers the following services as part of our Contracted IT service:

  • Helpdesk
  • Hardware configuration, installation and management
  • Peripheral installation and management
  • System tuning and performance management
  • System software configuration management
  • System software installations/upgrades
  • Planning services
  • Departmental I.T. reviews
  • Status monitoring
  • Office Automation Training


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